Sat 1 December · Time: 10:00 PM



PLATOON KUNSTHALLE is honored to present BRANDT BRAUER FRICK from GERMANY for a truly inimitable concert. with the support of the GERMAN EMBASSYBOEHRINGER INGELHEIM, and EUCERIN KOREA, the talented trio performs in seoul as part of their current global tour. 




the trio's performances convey the movement of their music as strongly as the thumping beats do: FRICK and BRAUER set up intricate song structures and play lush piano chords while BRANDT metes out beats on his drum kit.

in 2010, the trio’s debut album YOU MAKE ME REAL successfully fused techno and classical music, from regimented rhythms and laptop production on the one hand to complex musical theory and virtuosity on the other. the LP may have been built from classical sounds, but the result didn’t sound out of place in a minimal techno set.


in 2011 DANIEL BRANDT, JAN BRAUER, and PAUL FRICK took their genre-defying experiment to the next level with the BRANDT BRAUER FRICK ENSEMBLE. think of it as BBF version 2.0. they’ve ditched the computers used to arrange YOU MAKE ME REAL and expanded the band to a ten-piece ensemble to play handcrafted dance grooves completely live. 'the ensemble is about taking it to the next level, but it’s what we wanted to do from the start,' says BRANDT.


check out their much buzzed-about video, BOP, the mesmerizing track from YOU MAKE ME REAL. listen to tracks by BRANDT BRAUER FRICK including the title track from their debut album. more music and concert videos including their performance at the ELECTRONIC BEATS FESTIVAL in VIENNA available online. 


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