before humans learn a language others can understand, they use their own to express their thoughts and desires. we gave this phenomenon the name "VAVAVA". studio VAVAVA will explore these raw and fundamental motions. during their process of discovery they will experiment with media crossovers and collaboration works. studio VAVAVA will keep record of every single steps and after that, they will merge it into a final ecelectic visual piece which will be shared with the public.


all participants for the project will be "detectives". they will work on diverse projects about the most delightful ways of communication such as the "KEONG KEONG PROJECT",  the "BOUNCING PROJECT", or the "PEEP PEEP PROJECT".


studio VAVAVA's detective VAKKI is UX designer and specialized on MEDIA DISPLAYS. she is working as VJ and visual artist and these days she is actively expanding her reach to BEIGING. this is dedicated to the raw first moments of our first days, after getting rid of all the shells!

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