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JUNGHWA LEE is a london based artist, having just recently settled down in seoul.

my works draw from mundane items, materials or space, which contain remnant of myself as well as accumulated over years of human perception. i have especially concentrated my works on altering perception and linking unexpected moments from everyday life to create another layer of reality. i practice this in between territory with my personal experiences and cultural identity. through the use of everyday items or materials in an unconventional way, i let my personal and cultural experiences intertwine and show how we perceive ourselves with various layers from the reality.


…after (2013) is about the apartment complex, which is a self-contained housing unit and the most preferred residence in seoul, korea. i have focused on the cycle of birth and death between nature and urban scene. this time, i combine seoul urban apartment complex scene with honeycomb frame. i implant urban apartment complex structure to honeybee hive, which is also manmade one. then i integrated the fragmented structure with my personal memory of house via honeycomb and architectural materials accordance with my intuition.


SITE LINK: www.junghwa-lee.com

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