PLATOON KUNSTHALLE is looking for 4 artists/projects who are interested in the ARTIST LAB program.

PLATOON KUNSTHALLE is an open space supporting diverse forms of subcultural creative
 expression based in seoul, south korea. the ARTIST LAB program features young, independent creatives/artists with a subcultural background who are ready to push boundaries.
the nature of this program is different from a typical artist residency. programmatically PLATOON KUNSTHALLE oscillates between the artistic and the commercial side of contemporary creativity.
thus PLATOON KUNSTHALLE is not a pure art institution, but a platform for events, exhibitions, workshops, discussions, a bar, and parties. all this will influence the work at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE, artists should be open to contribute to this project.

about the ARTIST LAB program:
 during the ARTIST LAB program period, artists will work freely in the studios for 6 months.

· workshops: we believe that the ARTIST LAB artists are exceptional in what they do. workshops provide a good setting to share that knowledge and exchange ideas. thus, we ask ARTIST LAB members to prepare and realize a workshop series during their time at the ARTIST LAB. the results of the workshops can be presented at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE in various formats. since each artist brings a different background and working style into the studios, the content, duration and general structure of the workshops can be discussed and organized in a flexible way.
· events:
 we believe that the impact of creative ideas can be enhanced by adding a social dimension to it. our experience has shown that there are various formats for presenting such ideas. instead of a solo exhibition, artists will have a way to express their creativity through creating new formats of social interaction in smaller and bigger projects in close cooperation with the PLATOON KUNSTHALLE team. the variety of events taking place at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE has shown that projects can have many different faces and we are excited to realize new ideas. 


· studio size: 20" container (H x W x L) 240 x 210 x 570

· working period: 6 months, beginning march/april/may 2013 (3 artists will be selected)

· continuous support throughout the working period

· participation in PLATOON KUNSTHALLE events and access to PLATOON network


note to international artists who think about applying from abroad:

workshops participants will mostly be korea-based. in the case of international artists it would be great if they have experienced korean culture or are based in korea already.


· young creatives/artists whose works are related to subcultural forms of creative expression

· strong concepts that question the artistic, social, cultural status quo 

· young creatives/artists whose works fit into a cultural space different from a typical gallery or

· interest and experience in combining creative content and event formats


· images/videos of latest works

· weblink (if available)
· short description of artist and working concept

· rough outline about the workshop project to be developed and realized during the ARTIST LAB period (about 4-5 sessions) 

· rough outline about possible ideas for projects during the ARTIST LAB period

please send your application to


applications deadline 31 JANUARY 2013. deadline may change.



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