In the 21st century, we live in a “communication war”. Every citizen of developed countries is attacked by up to 4000 marketing impressions a day. All brands try to win this war and PLATOON acts as liberation with new strategies and human communication solutions at its best. We, PLATOON cultural development, combine commerce, communication, art and culture to endorse freedom of human mind as a communication consultancy.

PLATOON is a creative platform that can operate by itself -- we are thoroughly independent. In our case, our forces include creative directors, designers, artists, writers, moviemakers, photographers, programmers, etc. PLATOON inspires dreams, creates desires, and proclaims values through real experiences. PLATOON does not entertain. PLATOON KUNSTHALLE is not about entertainment. the program will provide a communication platform for anybody interested in subcultural creative fields like street art, graphic design, fashion, video art, programming, music, club culture, and political activism.

within this platform, the global PLATOON NETWORK consists of more than 6000 artists, creatives and thinkers that get together to support each other. some of their projects happen at PLATOON, some don't. you can see the works and collaborations of the members of the PLATOON NETWORK at www.platoon.org or on www.facebook.org/platoon.org

to find out what we can do for you, contact us at mail@kunsthalle.com



as PLATOON KUNSTHALLE is located in the upscale cheongdam area the confrontation of subculture with the close-by design houses, commercial galleries and luxury brand stores creates a tension and interaction between the two worlds. the seoul KUNSTHALLE also provides showcases of underground artists, studio residencies and a fine selection of cutting-edge stage performances to introduce the energetic potential of subculture in korea and asia. check www.kunsthalle.com/seoul for the latest event info.

subculture at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE is presented in different formats like exhibitions, movie nights, concerts and multimedia performances, workshops, discussion panels and special events. the four scholarship programs give young upcoming artists from korea and abroad the opportunity to develop creative projects at the PLATOON KUNSTHALLE. the four showcases present every month striking works from the subculture and streetart field including leading artists of the international urban art scene.

contact info: if you are interested in a rental or have program suggestions, please contact our event management team at mail@kunsthalle.com. to receive our weekly program, subscribe to our newsletter here.

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