Mon 11 November - Tue 12 November


join us at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE for the two days advance videomapping master class held by the global acclaimed VJ University instructors.

the VJ University provides hands-on training in Projection Mapping, as well as Fulldome covering professional workflows and production techniques. in this course, the students are introduced to basic and professional projection mapping workflows and its production techniques. it includes all necessary aspects to produce an audio visual video mapping show.

creating projection mapping shows is much more than just learning softwares. there are numerous other factors that influence directly the artwork´s quality such as the spacial relation, colour, composition, engineering, performance and undoubtedly the audio design and the political discourse.


SCHEDULE FOR 2 Days / 8h + 8h / Total of 16h


Module 1:
17:00: Video Mapping in real case studies with Q&A session.
17:30: Production methodology / workflow of the United VJs.
18:00: Location Studies, Projectionism, LUX calculations,

Module 2:
19:00: 2D Video Mapping Productions techniques with AfterFX.
20:00: 3D Video Mapping Productions techniques with Cinema4D.
21:00: Introduction to MADMAPPER & MODUL8
22:00: Practice session.
23:00: Practice session.
00:00: END.



NOTE: after the workshop a video mapping film will be screened!


Module 3:
17:00: Introduction to fulldome
18:00: BLENDY DOME VJ- software presentation.

Module 4:
19:00: Advanced resources of Mad Mapper: Stacking and Multiprojection,
20:00: Soft edge blend with BLENDY VJ - software presentation
21:00: Practice session,
22:00: Practice session.
23:00: Practice session.
00:00: END.


the workshop will be conducted primarily in english.

the master classes are limited to 12 sudents only! grab your place now.

early bird price until october 11TH: 200€
full price 350€
register now!

the master classes are travelling in a tour around five cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Montreal, Moscow and Berlin.

the VJ trio: Spetto, Zaz and Roger S. will explore in depth the United VJs’ production rich methods and workflows. they will be presenting the Blendy VJ and BlendyDome VJ, the mind blowing softwares that they have created alongside the market leading software packages Modul8 and MadMapper from GarageCube and 1024 architecture.

at PLATOON you'll also meet with local and internationally recognized visual artists: VJ Intektra (PLUMS Fest Festival) and Vdmo Kstati from VJ
Union Global.

very well known all over South America and Europe, the United VJs integrates a variety of digital arts. optical illusion, 3D, projection mapping, software programming, sound and video art are all creatively explored and presented by a multicultural crew from São Paulo, with partners across Brazil and Europe.





VJ SPETTO is a pioneer of the genre in Brazil and a specialist in projection mapping, VJing, video performance and interactive
installations. over the past 18 years he has performed in all major cities in Brazil and all over the world. he became one of the
most acclaimed artists in Brazil. as a curator he has created and organized the festivals: VJ Torna Brasil, VJ University, Performa
Paço, Johnny Walker Red Mix, and Dialectos Digitales (Bolivia).

VJ ROGER S. is a VJ and creative coder specializing in the development of software tools for animation, projection mapping,
interactive installations, data visualization and procedural art. Roger is a "United VJs" in-house creative and he has developed
many of the tools that they use live, such as BLENDY VJ and the BLENDY DOME VJ.

Pedro Zaz (VJ ZAZ) is a new-media artist, working internationally with projection mapping, TV, club-VJing, stage design, audio
visual performance and fulldome/immersive cinema. Pedro is also a director and one of the principle organizers of the film festival
FULLDOME UK. an expert in the field of fulldome, Pedro also works as a software mentor and systems integrator for VJing in
digital planetariums.

VJ Spetto & VJ Zaz are responsible for the coordination of the United VJs, internationally recognized creators in VJ, Video
Mapping, Stage Design and Fulldome.



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