Thu 19 June · Time: 08:00 PM

StratoFyzika presents
THÆTA - German Premiere

Stratofyzika is coming back to PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin with the last piece of the “Shadows” trilogy.


with new collaborations in sound and interactivity (sensors building, coding), the concept is still steeped in the subconscious realms and dealing with the ego: the dark and light shadow aspects of self but also on the edge of the conscious, waking self. visions on the edge of sleep, whispy light shadows, multi-dimensional geometric objects, sudden sound as if from the halls of a mind in a dream state. 


THÆTA embodies this borderland state; the liminal zone referred to as Hypnagogia. 


all merge onto the stage, interactively; body dynamics, auditory sensations and visuals function as the culmination of parts into one constellation in live performance.


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ϟ hiT͟Hərˈto͞o ϟ


the sound of the constant present. how long does the present last? all that we have been before, all that we have ever tried to be, all that we have been hoping to be… hitherto time and space collapses. there is no past, no future as we stand on the edge of an everlasting dead end. all that is left is Hitherto; a hypothesis of equilibrium.


ϟ Davic Nod - Thomas Van Ta / visuals ϟ


an extension of Thaeta's soundtrack with some of its sound elements arranged again live for a club-oriented experience.


more info:


ϟ TICKETS: 7€ (150 available) ϟ

including a code for downloading the recording of Thæta's soundtrack



hiT͟Hərˈto͞o + aiKia / visuals

Davic Nod / Thomas Van Ta - live set / visuals

KATE / DAITO (b2b experimental techno DJ set)

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