Tue 28 October - Wed 29 October

Experience Science Film Festival

STATE OF TIME Experience Science Film Festival features ground-breaking works from international filmmakers at the intersection of science and art.


where would film be without time – the fourth dimension that grants movement to otherwise static pictures? exclusively for STATE OF TIME, Imagine Science Films has assembled a series of cinematic inquiries, echoing the 7th Imagine Science Film Festival from 17.10-24.10.2014 in New York: from scientists trapped in time loops, the fragmentation of memory, and the mysterious powers of time-lapse to the age of mountains and the universe, the program will feature a full roster of short films and one feature film illustrating the many layered meanings of the concept of “time”.


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18:00 doors open

19:00 - 23:00 film screenings


// This Modern Earth ( 37') 


Deep Weather (Ursula Biemann, Switzerland, 2013, 9min)


Copper (Mike Paterson, UK, 2012, 5min) 


Green Matters (Mia Mäkelä, Finland, 2011, 10min) 


The Divide ( Brent Sievers, USA, 2014, 4min )


Symphony no. 42 (Réka Bucsi, Hungary, 2013, 10min) 



// The Creeping Garden (81min) European Premiere


The Creeping Garden (Tim Grabham &Jasper Sharp, UK, 2014, 81min) 

Feature Film.



18:00 doors open

19:00 - 23:00 film screenings


// Entropy & Decay (65')


Magnetic Reconnection (Kyle Armstrong, Canada, 2012, 13min) 


Planet Z (Momoko Seto, France, 2011, 10min) 


Headspace (Jake Fried, USA, 2014, 1min) 


Living In Space (Katre Steinbrück, Germany/Estonia, 2014, 12 min) 


Turbulent (Perttu Inkilä, Finland, 2013, 2min) 


AgX: H2O2 (Grayson Cooke, Australia, 2014, 11min) 


Living Still-Life (Bertrand Mandico, France, 2012, 16min) 



// Future History ( 50')


Afronauts (Frances Bodomo, USA, 2014, 14min) 


Living In The Future ( Lyndon Lornz, USA, 2010, 3min )


Robota (David Braun & Victor Sala, Czech Republic, 2013, 7min) 


Flesh Computer (Ethan Shaftel, USA, 2013, 13min) 


Applied Metacinema (Luis Nieto, France, 2014, 4min) 


Pandas (Matúš Vizár, Czech Rep / Slovakia, 2013, 12min) 



//Time, Space & Mind (60')


ON/OFF (Thierry Lorenzi, France, 2013, 12min) 


Painted Stone (Alex Parker, USA, 2014, 3min) 


Amygdala (Jeannette Louie, USA, 2013, 10min)


The Coral Reef Are Dreaming Again (Lucas Levya, USAm, 2014, 3min)


The Devil in the Room (Carla MacKinnon, UK, 2013, 8min)


The Weight of Mountains (Temujin Doran, UK, 2014, 12min )


Re:Belief (Raymond McCarthy Bergeron, USA, 2014, 7min)


Blame it on the Seagull (Julie Engass, Norway, 2013, 12min)




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