Wed 3 July · Time: 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM

intelligent interfaces

HAUTE INNOVATION speeds up the innovation process in design and architecture.

wednesday 3rd of july at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE from 6 to 9pm takes place the fourth evening event of the TSB series where experts will introduce intelligent surfaces and outstanding projects created with smart coatings. designers, product developers and architects are invited to learn about the different techniques and use possibilities involved in latest developments.


air-cleaning nano titanium dioxide, functional galvanic layers or nano-cellulose produced by bacteria are just some examples of coating systems that in recent years have significantly expanded the range of product development and architecture. taking advantage of nanotechnological achievements and laser technology's potential, functional surfaces are now possible so that further value can be added to designers and engineers' modus operandi.

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welcome: Nicolas Zimmer (TSB technology foundation Berlin)

"smart surface techniques for design and architecture," prof. Christiane Sauer (Art Academy Berlin-Weissensee)

impulses from Berlin and Brandenburg

"functional coating systems for design and architecture" Steffen Broxtermann (AHC Surface Technology GmbH, Berlin)

"nano-structuring and micromachining with lasers" Gerrit Herbst (acolma GmbH)

"smart surfaces and air-cleaning coatings in architecture" Daniel Schwaag (elegant embellishments Ltd.).

focus on incentives for innovation by the creative industries

"the Xylinum project - potential of nano-cellulose for product development and design" Jannis Hülsen (Jannis Hülsen product design)

networks with a snack

end of the event




Dr. Sascha Peters is the founder and owner of HAUTE INNOVATION in Berlin. innovation consultant, materials expert and engineer, his goal is to shorten innovation processes and turn developments in materials into marketable products more quickly.

design on base of organic waste, sustainable materials that respond to ambient influences, become transparent or change their shade; raincoats tha take on colour when it’s wet, writing that disappear as if by magic when exposed to UV rays; "energy harvesting": systems which are able to generate energy from small differences in temperature, vibrations, and electromagnetic oscillations are just few revolutionary development examples created by HAUTE INNOVATION.

new target groups want to get reached by products, where the quality of the product must be a surprise. as technological options are so many today, it seems that probably everything could be possible.

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