Fri 27 September · Time: 08:00 PM

ikono On Air Festival
screening & performance

PERFORMANCE: Helga Wretman – This Girl is On Fire / curated by Nadim Samman


Helga Wretman is a performance artist and professional stunt player whose film credits include numerous Hollywood productions. for this new work, Wretman will collapse the spectacle of commercial film production into the sphere performance and video art – in order to address the perennial symbolism of rebirth, and the notional ‘intensity’ of the act of artistic (self)creation. her piece invokes the subject as medium, the religious reliquary, and standards of ‘performance documentation’ - through the act of settling the artist alight.

SCREENING: Ikono On Air Festival screening - Studio/audience / curated by Nadim Samman


Jaakko Pallasvuo / Helga Wretman / Darri Lorenzen / LuckyPDF / Dora Budor / Constant Dullaart / Brenna Murphy / Andrew Norman Wilson / Harm van den Dorpel / Atelier Van Lieshout / Emil Holmer


Studio/audience is a series of video portraits of artists at work, and in their work-places, curated by Nadim Julien Samman. a creative blurring of the boundaries between documentation and performance, probing the construction and clichés of artistic identity, Studio/audience is television for the 21st century.


Hans Namuth photographed Jackson Pollock at work. his images would do much to establish the painter’s public persona – smoking, pacing, without pretension. despite their documentary form, the shots were as much a creation of Pollock’s myth as unmediated records of his process and subjectivity. in 1950, Namuth began to film Pollock in action. however, one winter’s day the project came to an abrupt conclusion, with each man accusing the other of being ‘phoney’. the staging and performance of the so-called creative act was at issue. as this episode demonstrates, the documentary genre of the artist at work in their studio has its conventions and fictionalizing strategies – which can run counter to some conceptions of authenticity and identity.


Studio/audience, a series of artist videos for Ikono TV, explores such tension between documentation and performance. Studio/audience is a series of video portraits of artists at work, and artist’s workplaces. seeking an equitable exchange between the camera, the artist and the audience, Samman has invited participants to direct the representation of their practice. only the following questions serve as prompts: what is the most relevant way of looking at your work? which details are important? what key perceptual/creative processes might a video capture and how? Studio/audience stretches the television format, questioning the representation of creative work and probing the construction and clichés of artistic identity today.


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Curator’s Bio


Nadim Samman is an independent curator and art historian based in Berlin. he read Philosophy at University College London before completing a PhD at the Courtauld Institute of Art. his curatorial projects in London, Moscow, Berlin, Venice, Zurich and Marrakech have included presentations of leading modern and contemporary artists. in 2012 he curated the 4th Marrakech Biennale with Carson Chan. he is a member of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA). Nadim is Co-Director of Import Projects (Berlin). /


Art on TV: ikono On Air Festival // 6 – 29 September 2013


this evening is part of the ikono On Air Festival, which is the first ever art festival to take place exclusively on TV - broadcast in over 30 countries and online via livestream:


until the 29th of September 2013 the ikono On Air Festival is airing a daily program of international video art, featuring artworks from over 200 established and emerging artists, including Bill Viola, Alfredo Jaar, A K Dolven and William Kentridge. the festival presents contemporary perspectives on video, media art and other time-based art forms from the last decades supported by a program of video clips showcasing art from antiquity until today.


The ikono On Air Festival takes place under the guidance of festival director Jack Pam and in collaboration with leading art professionals and international institutions. it is screened to the public in different restaurants and bars throughout Berlin alongside a series of collateral events. the festival is shown in a number of international cultural spaces, art fairs and festivals including Ars Electronica Festival Linz (AT), Art Rio (BR), Spazio Aereo (IT), Channels Film Festival Melbourne (AUS) and many more.


check out the program of the final festival days on, and tune in via the ikono live stream on




Untitled from Helga Wretman on Vimeo.

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