Thu 2 October · Time: 06:00 PM


 we want to bring a taste of Platoon Seoul to you! South Korea has one of the most intimate street food cultures, snacking and drinking late into the night. 


Pojangmacha means “street vendor” and is one of the best places to grab a quick spicy snack or pass the night away with friends. stalls or little tents with open kitchen offer plastic chairs for customers to sit down having a good time while drinking soju or makgeolli.


korean cuisine is getting more and more popular these days, for a good reason! typical K-Food street meals are teokbokki (spicy rice cakes), haemul-pajeon (pancake with seafood), ramyeon noodles, all parts of chicken or bibimbap, just to name a few. no pulled pork here!


it´s time to get some culture with food and booze. come down try something spicy, maybe do a little norebang or move your ass to some k-pop. we stay open 24 hours if the atmosphere is hot enough!


6PM till open end. entrance: 2€


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