Mon 7 April - Wed 9 April

Millumin Training
videomapping & interactivity

during this training, you will learn to create and play multimedia show: for the theater and dance, as well as for videomappings and interactive installations. along the training, you will practice a lot with Millumin, a software specialized to manage video on stage. the goal is to produce an interactive videomapping. also, a part of this training is reserved to discuss about your own project, and the technical solutions you could use.


price: 399€ for the 3 days (including a 100€ discount on a license purchase).

join the training NOW.




· masterize Millumin software

· learn and practice video mapping technics

· learn to create animations from images and geometric shapes

· collaborate in realtime with softwares (After Effects, Modul8, Ableton Live)

· create interactions, simple to advanced: touch interface, body movements, stage lights, ...

· discover "creative coding" (Quartz Composer) and "creative electronics" (Arduino)

· define technical requirements for your own project, then find practical solutions




Masterize Millumin

· play, mix and organize media in time

· methodology and tools for video mapping

· transitions, effects and advanced options

· using compositions, keyframes and cuepoints

· organize and optimize a Millumin project



· animations from images and geometric shapes

· creating and building a foam-board model

· video projection and exercises

· typical workflow to create and display a show


advanced technics

· create a seamless image from multiple projectors

· synchronize several machines

· realtime video mapping with After Effects



· MakeyMakey and MIDI controllers

· creating a touch interface

· getting a video feed from a camera or another software

· collaboration with audio software (Ableton Live)

· controlling stage lights

· analyzing body movements (infrared camera or Kinect)

· creative coding with Quartz Composer (form recognition)

· creative electronics with Arduino (laser detection)


discussions about your own project

· define and formalize your project

· identify technical requirements

· find practical and ad hoc solutions




Barthélémy Antoine-Loeff lives and works in Paris. multimedia artist, director and performer, he likes to work images, to let them talk like as a natural starting point to explore new narratives forms, complex, free, sometimes interactive or performative. his poetic universe oscillates between unsaid and (false) perceptions of our environment.his many theatrical and musical collaborations (interactive scenography) led him to co-found the artists' collectives iduun to create interactive installations and audio-video performances. in 2011, the last creation, the audiovisual and cinema show Kadâmbini is finalist of the Paris Young Talents Price. the collective is in residence of creation in Mains d'Luvres, Paris. also, he is part Anomes SARL, the company that created Millumin.


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