Fri 9 May · Time: 07:00 PM

Interaction Design Foundation

the IDF network (Interaction Design Foundation) is a ten year old transformative non-profit enterprise focused on educating, informing and stimulating the global design community through a free

education philosophy. this educational materials are developed in collaboration with top universities, companies, authors and thought leaders from Stanford, Cambridge, Harvard, MIT, SAP Labs, IBM Research, and such noted authors as: Clayton Christensen, Don Norman, Alan Dix, Steve Mann, Eric von Hippel and Tom Erickson.


professionals, researchers and students who are interested in topics such as product design, user experience, software development, visual design, graphics can engage with IDF's curated content in the form of courses, interactive text and video, TV channel, membership forums and global design events. 


the purpose of this event is to create a local network, in this case Berlin, in order to bring the advantages of the IDF to a local group.


join and follow the the event on facebook. we will let you know where exactly the meeting will take place.


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