Fri 20 December · Time: 09:00 PM

Onyx Ashanti, Snuggletooth & Babel Embassy

GLITCH is a monthly series of daring sonic artists, A/V acts, and live cinema performances curated by Perfect Entropy Productions at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin. at the first edition we present you: Onyx Ashanti, Snuggletooth & Babel Embassy.


entrance: 5 €


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Onyx Ashanti is a musician, geek, open-source advocate, Maker, collaborator ... and back around again to musician. the instrumentation he has created fuses technique and technology into a full-body musical system, playable with hands, arms, mouth and body. 


according to Onyx: "i am what can only be described as a cyborg musician. in other words, the music i create live, can not be replicated without technology. my music is called "Beatjazz." it is a mix of sound design, live looping and jazz improvisation. my instrument of choice over the years has been a Yamaha Wind MIDI controller, but now the limitations have started to stunt the growth of this new form, so i designed an instrument that can take it into future."





SNUGGLETOOTH (DJ set by Eiliyas)


Snuggletooth is the beat-mixing, genre splicing alias of Berlin-based, multidisciplinary artist Eiliyas -  an artist working with experimental video, music, creative writing, new media, visual art, public art, composition and varied concepts. 


Sound, video, synchronicity, broken technology, idealism, pen, paper, pencil, ink, 80's-90's hip-hop production equipment, song, simplicity, layers, life, environment, and other are just some of the tools that Eiliyas uses to execute his artistic endeavors.





Babel Embassy is an ethno electro act with expressive dance performance. the live act takes you on a madcap journey through the craters of the cultural convulsion between Orient and Occident. the singing is improvised in a fantasy language. an extraordinary performance with Brozio, singing and dancing, and guitarist Marcin Dworski. special guest Torsten Schmacht will ensure the extra groove. 



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