Sat 1 November · Time: 08:00 PM


on the 1st of november, on the occasion of all saints day, we´ll pay our traditional tribute for the departed souls, and we´ll make offerings on the altar to remember those who left and give them strength for their journey through the underworld.


far from being just an institutional religious celebration, Dia de los Muertos finds its origins in our pagan ancient past. 


that's why also this year we will pay our tribute with live audio-video and dance performances - 'URBAN RITUALS'.


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demonshaker is a ceremony performed in a 7-drum circle as a spiritual offering, in which the public is welcome to join in an immersive trance to shake the underworld and free your demons. the performance will be accompanied by dancers and live painting by Ale Senso. 


Demonshaker's drummers & flow sculptor are: 


Nicola Lopez - drumset

Maurizio Vitale - drumset

Mika Leopold - drumset

Dominick Gray - drumset

Gerald Pasqualin - drumset

Rui Faustino - drumset

Nathan Fuhr - flow sculptor


they will be ceremoniously preceded with a shamanic dance performance




Creatures is an eerily engaging audio-visual performance created by German electronic musician and producer, André Uhl, and New Zealand video and live performance artist, Jem the Misfit.


Uhl’s dark, brooding beats warp and weft with Jem the Misfit’s distorted visions of the body. the duo sonically and spatially deconstruct the tension between control and the uncontrollable, through a distorted environment inhabited with Creatures of their own making. 


the performance merges spaced-out synths, abstract beats and bittersweet melodies with the strange and haunting imagery of disembodied heads, hands and legs.




VJ Cucuz, a member of Mask Collective from Bolivia, will prepare a special visual performance called Emilia de Negro.




having religiously followed the last decade of music evolution, this shepherd navigates from the well-known to the far edges of today’s soundscapes. never abandoning his critical approach he plays distilled and essence-rich sound.


Shepherd is resident DJ at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin.




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