Sat 25 October · Time: 06:00 PM

The Best Movies on Bitcoin

the Bitfilm Festival is the world’s first film festival that focuses on films about the new digital monetary system Bitcoin. on october 25th it will start its tour through four continents at Platoon Kunsthalle in Berlin. the next stations will be Seoul, Cape Town, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. 


the entrance fee for the Berlin event is 0.036 Bitcoin (or 12 Euros). 

here is the schedule:


5 pm: Bitcoin Exchange Berlin (free entry)

before the film programme starts, you may exchange Euros for Bitcoins at Bitcoin Exchange Berlin, Europe's first in-person Bitcoin Exchange. experienced Bitcoiners will show you how to use a Bitcoin Wallet on your smartphone.


6 pm: Bitcoin Animations

the festival takes off with a compilation of animated shorts that explain Bitcoin in an entertaining and easily understandable way. it encompasses the classic 'What is Bitcoin?' which was viewed on the Internet more than five million times, and the film 'Fiat Money', which explains how the current monetary system damages the economy and broadens the gap between the rich and the poor.


7 pm: Bitcoin Short Docs

this film block consist of short documentaries which highlight various aspects of Bitcoin. 'Bitcoin in Uganda' tells the story of a student in Kampala who gets funded by his sister who lives in the USA. until now they had to pay cut-throat fees to money transmitters like Money Gram or Western Union. Bitcoin reduces those fees to nearly zero and will therefore disrupt the huge worldwide remittance market. 'Liberating Organic Farmers in Argentina' portrays a group of vegetable farmers in Argentina, a country suffering from financial tyranny and high inflation, who sell their goods for Bitcoin. In 'Bitcoin 16:9' a reporter from Canada meets several Bitcoin fans in Vancouver, New York and Berlin and tries Bitcoin shopping in the world famous „Bitcoin Kiez“ of Berlin-Kreuzberg.


8 pm: I am Satoshi

director Tomer Kantor from London will be personally in Berlin to present his feature-length documentary 'I am Satoshi', which is still work in progress. as an exclusive preview he will show the 15 minute excerpt 'Bitcoin in Kenya'. in the east African country the majority of money transaction are already done digitally by mobile phones, so that the leap to a Bitcoin based payment system seems to be a short one.


9 pm: The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

as a German premiere the Bitfilm Festival will show the feature-length documentary 'The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin' by Nicholas Mross, which had its world premiere at Tribeca Film Festival in New York. the software developer Daniel is accompanied on his discovery trip through the Bitcoin world, as he meets many of the movers and shakers of the flourishing Bitcoin ecosystem.


10:30 pm: Bitfilm Late Night

out of competition: Bitfilm Networks will show a compilation of animated and live action shorts about Bitcoin that have been produced by its commercial arm.


more information:


get a free ride by UBER to the festival venue with the code 'Bitcoin is Liberty' (maximum value 20 Euros, for first time UBER users only)


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