Wed 3 July · Time: 08:30 PM



in her upcoming performance 'Awakening' Berlin based artist and visual communications designer Olivia Güthling reflects upon her recent journey to the Himalayas and goes into a confrontation with her inner self. also being presented that night is Olivia's book, equally titled 'Awakening', that visually translates transcripts of an 8 day self-recording done during the trip. her experimental journey to the worlds highest mountains turned into an unexpected experience.

the 'Awakening' project started with Olivia's idea to go into the wild for some days and speak out aloud all of her thoughts while recording them with a small audio recorder attached to her bag pack strap. in a merciless approach she intended to be as honest as possible, avoiding any kind of filtering of all the thoughts emerging from her mind.


in the end, more than 163.000 words were recorded within a bit more than a week. based on this enormous amount of material the conceptual artwork 'Awakening' transforms this very personal stream of consciousness into a interdisciplinary narrative artwork which is made of but not limited to graphic design, performance and audio-visual works.


musician Thomas Vogel creates a sonic landscape that will accompany dancers Josa Kölbel and Bellina Sörenson in their wild dance of attraction and repulsion. a multifaceted sound installation fills the vast art space in addition to projections that visualise both the physical and mental journey that Olivia undertook.

the event is free of charge.

doors open at 20:30.


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