Fri 28 March · Time: 09:00 PM

Around The Block
by Asphalt Piloten

Asphalt Piloten are working on a new production AROUND THE BLOCK and they invite to join them and see an excerpt of the research they did in Berlin.


AROUND THE BLOCK is a site-specific sound and video installation which seeks to steer the focus to what is around us, what is immediate, the here and now. catching the attention of the urban passer-by, suggesting an escape from their daily life and offering them a distorted reflection of their environment.


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watch the video of the research in Anger (FR).



the work will be premiered in May 2014 in Zürich and will travel during the summer onto other festivals. AROUND THE BLOCK is an installation running in loop. while normally we present the work unannounced and by surprise, we invite you on friday to come and have a look within a precise time frame. come, have a drink and share with them what you see...


come at 21:00 sharp to PLATOON FACTORY (behind PLATOON KUNSTHALLE). the installation will run from 21:00–23:00.




from and with: 

Anna Anderegg, Marco Barotti, Henne Fritze, Camilla Mantovani 



PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin, ZÜRICH TANZT, La Paperie, L’Abattoir, L’Atelline


thanks so: 

Edith Maryon Stiftung, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Beameround, Schweizer Tanzpreise, (June Johnson Danceprice) Stanley Johnson Stiftung, Antoniya Ivanova, Palina Krause.

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